Mascoat Industrial-DTI is a composite ceramic insulator that’s formulated to provide thermal protection for tanks, vessels, boilers and other facility surfaces up to 375°F (190°C). This premium, multi-use product is a microscopic matrix of air-encapsulated ceramic particles, which are suspended in a high-grade acrylic binder. The coating’s high-tech formulation can be sprayed on as a combined paint and insulation system, improving equipment aesthetics while protecting substrates, safeguarding personnel and preventing corrosion

Mascoat Industrial-DTI has been tested to ASTM standards and exceeds most criteria for weatherability, adhesion, flexibility and UV resistance. Because of its proven durability and versatility, it is an ideal insulator for storage tanks, vessels, heat exchangers and transfer pipelines in a variety of industries—including paper & pulp, food & beverage, asphalt and petrochemical refining. For applications requiring more aggressive insulation, the coating can be applied in multiple layers while still allowing for full substrate viewing and easy maintenance.


Surface Preparation

The minimum requirements for carbon steel substrates is a solvent wipe in accordance with SSPC SP1


Primers are recommended for carbon steel substrates, self-priming over non-ferrous materials

Airless Sprayer

This sprayer is the best method for application of the coating and need 1.5 gallon per minute at 3,000 PSI

Brushing and Rolling

It is not recommended to brush or roll on Mascoat Industrial-DTI, as the insulating particles can be damaged


Half-face respirator recommended with ammonia cartridge or better. Eye protection recommended


Thinning should not exceed one quart per fivegallon pail.Do not thin unless authorized in writing by Mascoat


Only mud mixing paddles, available from Mascoat, should be used to mix the contents of the pail.


All equipment can be cleaned with soap and water, all data on this sheet was collected using ASTM

Uses • Tanks • HVAC • Boilers • Cookers • Pressure valves • Piping • Heat exchangers • Steam lines • Processors • Vats • Heaters • And much more...


Mascoat Industrial-DTI applies the common physics principles of reflectivity, conduction, emissivity and absorpstance. Its microscopic particle structure reflects a high percentage of the radiant heat gain back to the environment from which it originated. Each ceramic particle encapsulates air, thereby offering a slow path of thermal transfer. This high content of entrapped and stagnant air blocks thermal transfer very efficiently. In addition, the coating’s low emissivity allows for low heat flux. The combination of these factors allows for total thermal dissipation across the surface of the coating. The unique composition of the coating makes it extremely efficient for its thickness and prevents substrates from gaining heat, making those surfaces cooler to the touch.


  • Provides thermal insulation

  • Adheres to most substrates

  • Prevent CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)

  • Provides personnel protection

  • Increases efficiency and saves energy

  • Vapor retardant

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Class A Fire Rating

  • Rapid application procedure reduces man-hours necessary for installation compared to conventional insulation